Not religious

Just as a physics professor wouldn’t refer to the words of Shakespeare to address Ohm’s Law, so too, Campus Missions International didn’t feel it necessary to address the homeless and racism while conveying the biblical stance of human sexuality in its window display in the Holmes Student Center the week of Jan. 11 – 15 (though GLU influences imply we have no concern for these and other issues). Biblical truth faces misunderstanding. God loves all humanity, including homosexuals. Here we must differentiate between the individual and his/her actions and/or attitudes. Again, God loves all people, but hates all sin. It is upon this sin that we shall be judged unless we have faith in Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice upon the Cross by the shedding of His Blood has proved to be the needed atonement for fallen humanity before God. Biblically, homosexuality is a sin (Lev. 18:22, Rom. 1:26-27, etc.) under the sexually immoral category, along with fornication, adultery, sexual abuse/incest and many other examples. Read five simple verses, Galations 5:19:23. Understand, all this isn’t about religion or politics. It’s about Jesus Christ and living by God’s grace in His Spirt and its application to marlity. If you compromise yourself, you stand outside the uncompromising Word of God, thus, outside of His will. CMI perpetuates no hate, but explains beyond relativistic nonsense (no relative truth, exists, only truth to relative circumstances). Scriptural Truth of God whether any of us acknowledge it as such or not, unchanging and eternal.

Jon Davis Jr.

Effie Damianides

Campus Missions International