Freshmen lead in judicial offenses

By Wendy Arquilla

The fall semester proved to be a busy one for the NIU Judicial Office.

The Judicial Office reported 560 referrals last semester, with 339 of them involving freshmen. “The incoming freshmen continue to cause problems,” said NIU Judicial Director Larry Bolles.

Bolles said some of the biggest violations of the fall semester included noise and disruption offenses, underage drinking, harassment and theft. However, offenses involving guest responsibility have gone down in number and there were no race-related complaints filed in the fall semester.

“We also had at least one complaint of cheating in almost every department at NIU, which doesn’t happen often,” Bolles said.

He said the majority of the offenders were male, and a total of 429 male students were sanctioned. Sanctions against female students totalled 119. Twelve cases were dismissed.

Bolles said he has some major concerns for the spring semester. “Last semester, there was a rash of crimes involving BB guns which we are very concerned about,” he said.

“Car windows have been shot out while sitting in parking lots. People have been shot at from the windows of dorms,” Bolles said. “It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.”

Bolles said anyone who is in possession of a BB gun is an automatic suspect in any reported shooting.

“People walking around the Lincoln Hall-Grant Towers area at night should be especially careful,” he said.

Bolles said he urges anyone who is a victim of a BB gun shooting or sees anyone with a gun to report it to the University Police.