Police gain information on second weekend incident

By R. Scott Lohman

University Police now have information on a criminal sexual assault which occurred Sunday in Grant Towers North.

The incident was the second sexual assault case to occur in DeKalb on Sunday.

The sexual assault in Grant Towers North took place between 2 and 3:47 a.m. in the victim’s room. There were three assailants in the case.

The victim was taken to Kishwaukee Community Hospital and injuries might have been sustained, said UP Sgt. Ralph Taylor

The first suspect has been described as a white male, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with blond hair and of muscular build. The second suspect was described as a white male, 6 feet 1 inch tall and of medium build. The last suspect, also a white male, is 5 feet 11 inches in height, with dark hair and of slender build.

It is unknown if the suspects are NIU students.

Taylor said the officer investigating the assault has indicated that the incident involved strangers rather than acquaintances of the victim.

The case is pending further investigation.

Taylor advised people to walk in well-lit areas and be cautious when answering their doors.

In a separate incident, Kevin Hickman, 23, of 833 Ridge Drive, Apt. 505, was arrested by DeKalb Police in connection with the second criminal sexual assault which occurred in Hickman’s apartment on Sunday.