YMCA offers self defense seminar for women

By Terry Sanchez

With the rise in reported criminal sexual assaults on campus, the women of NIU might feel more apprehensive than usual while walking at night.

For those who are intimidated by the statistics and would like to do something about it, the YMCA will be sponsoring a Women’s Self Defense Seminar from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 2 at the YMCA.

The seminar will address the needs of women concerned with establishing their own residence and learning how to defend themselves from attackers. It is open to all women of high-school age and older.

Sue Zurbuch, coordinator of the seminar, said the class is fun and worthwhile. “Women have to be careful and be aware of all the potential dangers and learn to defend themselves,” she said.

The main goal of the class is to allow women to become “the victor, not the victim.” Self-defense techniques will include lessons in karate and kung-fu, as well as descriptions of the way in which objects in the immediate area can be used as weapons for self-defense.

Anyone who has attended past self-defense seminars will receive more advanced training and will be allowed more time to practice techniques.

Zurbuch said past seminars have been successful in attracting many NIU students.

YMCA members must pay $5 and non-members must pay $10 to attend the seminar. The money collected will be used to purchase equipment for future seminars. Those interested should call the YMCA at 756-9577 for more information.