Give up names

In the January 12th edition “Name game will take toll”, The Northern Star editorial board demonstrated the insensitivity that the NATIONS coalition is working to combat. This week, the coalition met with the Board of Regents to discuss the names of the Pow Wow and Blackhawk Cafeterias. NATIONS believed them to be offensive to the Native American heritage. In The Northern Star, one editorialist argued that, “The names of the cafeterias were not intended to be disrespectful.” This may be true, but the fact remains that NATIONS says they are. In a country moving closer toward homogeneity, listening to minority groups will become much more important than dictating to them. The editorialists final contention is that “being overly sensitive will only lead to pandemonium.” Instead of suffering through the impending pandemonium, why don’t we just call the cafeteria white bread and be done with it.

Douglas D. Jones

Secondary Education