Arguments heat up SA Senate meeting

By Philip Dalton

The Student Association held a prolonged and heated meeting Sunday that resulted in the resignation of one Supreme Court justice and insults flying between senators.

SA President Paul Middleton spoke about the Energy Conservation Recommendation. The recommendation would change the dates when school would begin and end each semester in order to save money on utility bills.

The senate responded negatively to this proposal. Sen. Dan Gaddis said he was concerned with the proposal. “This is a perfect example of the administration’s lack of thought process,” he said. “You’d think they would think more about the students’ needs.” He later said, “They’re going to stick it to us again. I think it is important that we all vote against it.”

Student Regent John Butler suggested a resolution be sent to the administration in response to its proposal.

Sen. Dave Gonzales became annoyed by the fact Butler had not gone to the Internal Affairs Committee before the meeting in order to present his proposal in an orderly fashion.

Butler said that the resolution was nothing official and he had done it simply to help the Senate send a message to the administration. He stated further he would refrain from doing it again for the benefit of those senators who found it offensive.

The resolution was amended slightly and was passed unanimously by the Senate.

Sen. Nicole Howell opened the floor to a reconsideration of the previous week’s Supreme Court confirmations. She asked the Senate to reconsider their votes and asked if the people considered were, “fair to all the students, and if not then the Supreme Court is going to be biased.”

In reconsideration of the confirmation of Jodie English, Sen. Curry Kimble said, “I think it is unethical to nominate yourself.”

During an informal debate on the topic, several of the senators discussed what was referred to as “Jodie’s scandal.” The scandal was discussed in last year’s Senate during an executive session. For this reason, open discussion of the topic would be illegal.

Dave Ivers, a graduate student, told the Senate he recommended they hire good attorneys because the Senate was breaking laws by reconsidering a confirmed vote, and by doing so was opening itself up to lawsuits.

After further discussion, English decided to resign from the position and said to the Senate, “I wish you would stop talking about me.”

After the resignation, Sen. Gino Barrto sat in the back of the room and spoke with English. Gaddis became angered by this discussion. Words were passed between the two senators, but the confrontation was postponed until after the meeting when Barrto said he would rip Gaddis’ head off. At this time, Gaddis was recognized and asked the president pro-temp, “Will the senator behind me please sit at his place so I won’t have to hear his voice?” Barrto then went back to his place.

Before the meeting closed, Howell said to the Senate, “I just want the senators not to hate each other, and to be nice.”

The Senate approved the budgets of several organizations. These organizations included the Flying Huskies, the LaCrosse Club, the Bowling Club, the Water Polo Club and others.