Police respond to residential burglary, armed robbery calls

By R. Scott Lohman

DeKalb Police were busy Tuesday when they arrested two men for residential burglary and responded to an armed robbery.

John L. Cappelletti, 28, of Chicago, and Matthew H. Norman, 26, of DeKalb, were arrested Tuesday morning and were charged with two counts of residential burglary, police said. The men were being held at DeKalb County Jail at the time of the report, and bond is scheduled to be set this morning, police said.

DeKalb Police Lt. Richard Moudy said two DeKalb detectives saw Cappelletti and Norman leave a residence in the 900 block of South First Street. Moudy said the detectives were in the area following up on two previous residential burglaries from Oct. 19 and 26.

The detectives observed a vehicle parked at South First Street which matched the description given by a citizen after the Oct. 26 burglary, Moudy said.

He said the detectives watched the vehicle for a short period of time before Cappelletti and Norman were seen leaving a residence and entering the vehicle. Detectives stopped the vehicle, and Cappelletti and Norman then were arrested, Moudy said.

Stolen property from this burglary was recovered, as well as property from an earlier burglary at a residence on Fairview Drive, which is just outside DeKalb city limits, Moudy said.

“Our investigation will continue in regards to the other two residential burglaries that were reported on Oct. 19 and Oct. 20,” Moudy said.

Earlier, police responded to an armed robbery that occurred Tuesday at about 2:51 at the DeKalb Stop-N-Go, 710 E. Lincoln Hwy., police said.

Moudy said a gun was not displayed, but the threat of the weapon is all that is needed to consider this armed robbery.

Moudy said the suspect is a male with a gold tooth on the right side of his mouth. The man apparently entered the store and told the clerk he had a gun and that he wanted the money from the cash register, Moudy said.

He also said the clerk opened the cash register and the suspect took an undetermined amount of money from it. The suspect then left the store on foot heading east, and then he went south toward an alley, Moudy said.

He said the man is further described as being about 5 feet 8 inches tall, 165 pounds, with black colored crew-cut hair, beard growth, medium build and he is in his 20s. The suspect was wearing a black and white flannel cap, a black t-shirt and a green and black flannel jacket, Moudy said.

Anyone with information about the robbery should contact the DeKalb Police Department at 756-1421 or CrimeStoppers at 895-3272.