This letter is in response to three letters that were written within the last few days: Raymond Feluda’s, Kevin Flannery’s and Timothy Swica’s. Never have I been so disgusted by the childishness and elitism of some people as I have in the days since the election. Who do you people discuss politics with—Phil Dalton?

Mr. Swica, I don’t know why you seem to think that by having a few years on the rest of us, you have cornered the intelligent decision market. As a senior still living in the dorms, I can tell you that there has never been an issue so heatedly debated as this election since I’ve been here. By saying the only way the Democrats won was by deceiving the “ignorant masses”, you completely ignore the fact that the Republicans have done very little to help young people. Why should we vote Republican when most of us have grown up watching the deficit grow and the educational system in this country go down the tubes (not to mention the environment)? Blaming MTV is ridiculous.

MTV asked Bush and Quayle for interviews repeatedly; they refused. When Bush finally did do an interview, he was so condescending that it was offensive. Clinton and Gore at least admitted that they wanted young people’s votes—why should I vote for someone who obviously doesn’t value my opinion? Don’t waste your time babbling about intelligent voters—you proved your own foolishness by writing such an offensive letter.

As for Mr. Fedula: you have only proved your sexism, racism, and elitism in your letter. Perhaps if Congress was not completely controlled by white males such as yourself, we would not fall all over ourselves trying to get a black woman into office—at least she knows what real life is like.

To Mr. Flannery, I must admit that I admire your poetic gift. It must have been tough finding something to rhyme with “inhale”. Why don’t you minor in English or something? No, wait—the educational system has been cut so badly that no one can do that anymore.

To all of you, as a final word: give it up. Clinton won—we’re not doing a recount because you don’t like the outcome. Grow up already. If Bush had been doing such a wonderful job, he wouldn’t have lost his.

Melinda Thomas

English Education