Two NIU students enter DeKalb aldermanic race

By Jerry Lawrence

Two student candidates have thrown their hats into the ring in DeKalb’s 6th Ward aldermanic race.

Brad Strauss, a senior political science major, and Eric Grice, a sophomore finance major, both formally announced their candidacy last week.

Both will run as independent candidates in the April 20 election, keeping in line with the practice of past city elections.

Grice said he is running because “the city has a lot of taxpaying students who need a voice in city government.”

The 6th Ward includes Lincoln, Neptune, and Gilbert halls as well some off-campus apartments and is almost entirely made up of students.

Grice also said he wants to help in the future economic development of DeKalb. “I think DeKalb has an economic future and I would like to fulfill that,” Grice said.

Grice said he gained experience in politics as a Student Association senator and through campaign work he did in a state senate race. Grice said he has learned a lot about issues in the process of his work.

Grice said he made the decision to run about two weeks before his Nov. 23 announcement.

Strauss said he is running because he wants “to empower students to take a greater part in their city government and to make the students a respectable voice.”

Strauss has served as president of the NIU Young Democrats but recently gave up the position in order to ready his campaign for city council. Strauss also played a key role in bringing U.S. Senator-elect Carol Moseley Braun to NIU this October.

Strauss also mentioned issues that will be key to his campaign. “The issues I’m mainly concerned about have to do with public safety,” he said. “I want to see a fire house built on the west side of DeKalb because as of now it takes about 10 minutes for any fire truck to get to Ward 6.”

Strauss also said he wants to look into problems concerning high radium levels in DeKalb water and said he also wants to see better relations between students and the police.

Strauss cited a number of reasons that he is qualified to be alderman, including past service on the SA Senate and what he called an active role in local politics.

Strauss said he made the decision to run three weeks ago.