Questionable flier slips through UP&A office

By Jean Dobrzynski

A concert flier depicting a sexual scene of questionable taste accidentally slipped through the hands of the University Programming and Activities (UP&A) staff.

A secretary in the UP&A office approved the flier for the local band “Festering Rinyanyons” sometime last week without noticing what was going on in the advertisement, said UP&A Director Michelle Emmett, who said she never saw the flier until Friday.

Emmett said she received a complaint signed by 17 people Monday who said they were “offended by the nature of the poster.”

The complaint stated that the flier “depicts a nude woman having sexual intercourse with a clothed man while another male bends over her breasts as two other people, one male and one not visible except for a hand raised in a ‘peace’ sign, look on.”

It further stated that “the one visible male is leering and holding up a beer can. Whether or not the woman is a willing participant in this event, that is whether or not she is conscious, cannot be determined.”

Emmett said the flier should have never been stamped and she takes full responsibility for the mistake. She said the Campus Activities Board concert committee has been removing the fliers from campus since Friday.

“This is a very busy office and we made an error and we are correcting it,” she said. “This is not the first time we have stamped something that we shouldn’t have stamped.”

The UP&A stamp was placed right in the center of the sex scene.

The concert, slated for this Friday, is allocated by the Student Association, which also is printed on the flier. SA Public Relations Adviser Anna Bicanic said she was not aware of the flier until yesterday either.

“We were surprised that people didn’t see what was going on in the picture since the stamp was right on it (the photograph),” she said. “We didn’t see how it could get by.

CAB Concert Coordinator Kristen Sohacki said normally there is a special committee that makes up advertisements for the bands, but the “Festering Rinyanyons” requested to make their own.

Sohacki said the procedure is to run the ad by her first for an approval, and then to the UP&A office for the final seal. However, she was out of town last week, so the flier went straight to the UP&A office.

“We’re very particular about our image and we want to uphold it,” she said. “We’ve had contact with the band and they apologized and agreed to help take the fliers down.”

Members of the band could not be reached for comment Monday.