Sore losers!!

Gosh, I’d almost forgotten what sore losers right-wingers are! But the mean-spirited spectacle of Republican Sen. Robert Dole on TV news programs and the equally snide and hostile comments on President-elect Clinton by some Star columnists and letter writers have reminded me again of how poorly conservatives deal with defeat.

In free, democratic elections that saw the largest voter turnout ever, Americans have elected Clinton and Gore, as well as a record number of female and minority senators and representatives. Instead of sneering at these individuals, and dismissing the millions of Americans who voted for them as stupid, gullible or misguided, how about showing our newly-elected officials at least some initial respect? They haven’t even taken office yet! There will be plenty of time to criticize the policies of the new administration, once they begin to be implemented, and I’m sure that conservatives will lose no opportunity to do so.

Personally, I feel no hatred toward George Bush, although he lost a lot of my respect when he sold out to the extreme right wing of his own party. At the very least, President Clinton will be able to accomplish one thing: He can appoint federal judges and perhaps several Supreme Court justices who are not intent on returning minorities and women to the Dark Ages!

During the recent campaign Clinton and Gore never once stooped to the name-calling, innuendoes and smear tactics used (unsuccessfully) by Bush and his associates. Bush’s disgruntled followers might consider imitating the president’s own graceful acknowledgement of defeat.

Judith Testa


School of Art