Open your eyes

I like picking up The Northern Star everyday and looking for your editorials. They are funny, entertaining and usually justifiable. But in the Nov. 18 edition of The Northern Star, you make a statement that is probably the dumbest one I’ve heard from a non-Chicagoan. “The overwhelming majority of NIU students come from the Chicago area. As a result, most of us have never had to live with the other race.” I’m from the South Side of Chicago and I can say that your statement means jack —-. Where are you from, Orland Hills or something? I went to kindergarten with black people, went to a Catholic High School, Brother Rice, with black people for four years, worked along side black people for many years and when I go to the mall, when I get a chance to go home, 60 percent of the people shopping are black people. Next time you make a statement about Chicago, go there first, open your eyes and get a clue. Just because you live in your racist-free, rich-boy neighborhood, it doesn’t give you the right to make claims about others.

Pata Sullivan

Elementary Ed.