Board bashing

This letter is addressed specifically about Eric Carter who is running for county board representative for District 7. I feel the need to express my honest opinion about Carter. The fliers sent by the candidate concentrated mostly on Mary Sindelar, his opponent, rather than about himself. My question to Eric Carter is where does he have the proof that Miss Sindelar is going to perform all these tasks he writes.

I haven’t heard much about Eric Carter except for what I have read in the fliers and newspapers. All that has been printed were accusations degrading Mary Sindelar. Eric Carter, are you scared that you have to put yourself so low as to insulting other candidates and paying more attention to what they do rather than following your expertise?

I will be quite honest with you. I do not trust you. Should you be elected to the county board to represent the students, I could only hope that you pay more attention to applying the skills needed to benefit the students rather than your own wants or needs to gain power. You may insult me all you want but keep in mind that I am a student in your district and my opinion should be vital to you.

In conclusion, I suggest that you pay attention to your own campaign rather than insulting Mary Sindelar’s. I and other people want to know how you really intend to help the students at NIU.

Myleene Sunga