Hazardous walk

Friday the 13th was supposed to be an unlucky day, and it almost was for me. This bad luck was not due to supernatural causes or from a black cat crossing my path; my near miss with bad luck was caused by the very icy and unsalted sidewalks of this fine NIU campus.

For those of us who have the misfortune to have to be on campus at 8:00 in the morning, it was a hazardous walk. I saw two butt-drops, and a couple of nose-dives onto the pavement in the wind tunnel between Cole Hall, Zulauf, and Steven’s Annex. This sidewalk was solid ice! There is absolutely no reason for this. It was pretty predictable that there would be ice in the morning since it had rained for the last forever, and temperatures were predicted to be below thirty degrees overnight.

Please … for the sake of safety and the well-being of NIU’s students, salt the sidewalks so that we don’t all kill ourselves while walking to class. If you don’t care about the students, then do it for the faculty. After all, we can’t have an institute of higher education when all of the educators have broken bones from slipping on the sidewalk!

Anyway … This shouldn’t be a hard task, since half the sidewalks around campus are torn up. Another solution would be to put up even more of the pretty orange fences so that every student has to walk through the grass. That way The Northern Star will get even more letters whining about killing all of the grass. NIU can spend MORE money to replace the grass, and all will be right with the world.

Save us all a lot of work and salt the sidewalks when they get icy!

Jeff Elder