Why vote Braun?

In past weeks, I have read several columns in The Northern Star about Carol Moseley Braun and Rich Williamson. I did not see either of the column writers come out enough to say why we should vote for Braun or Williamson. I feel obligated to share my opinion with you about Braun and Clinton, and hopefully it will help convince you and free you from your uncertainty about whom to vote for. Remember, your vote will send a person into power to do the job of protecting your interests and needs. So don’t be careless unless you’re willing to suffer from the results of your vote.

Why is Braun the best choice for U.S. Senate? It is simple. She will take a message from us and vote on Capitol Hill for us. I understand she voted for a raise several times, but remember, Republicans and Democrats were along with her when they voted for a raise. We need someone who can take a message to Capitol Hill for us. If Williamson votes against taxes for wealthy people, he has no choice but to vote for taxes on working people. I know he will be hard for an association with minority and poor where it enables him to listen to their problems. I bet he will always vote in favor of wealthy people and hurt working people and poor people. I have a feeling his support for wealthy people will make wealthy people donate more money to him for his next campaign. So it would be better to have Braun in Capitol Hill as a representative for us.

Clinton is the best choice for U.S. president because he promises that he will tax those who make more than $200,000 per year, and he also opposes the welfare system and supports the death penalty. He also has a good plan for helping poor and minority people. He is obviously different and better than candidates in the past. Bush’s “Read my lips, no tax” is no longer a guarantee for us. Now he has another promise. I bet he will break his promise again and place the blame on democracy like he did today. He forgets he has no choice other than to tax working people if he does not tax wealthy people. He claims wealthy people will help raise the number of jobs. Today during his presidency we still have many people laid off and factories closed down. Did wealthy people stop layoffs, close down factories, and increase the number of jobs? Wealthy people who own companies which lay off workers made a huge profit. Enough for Bush! Now it is time for a new president with new ideas. I know many of you who oppose abortion automatically closed your eyes and voted for Bush. Look, during his presidency an abortion is still legal, and also we still have many abortion clinics existing in the United States of America. It really makes no big difference if the president supports abortion or not. All you can do is choose not to have an abortion, and also you can help your friends make the right decisions about an abortion that will make pro-life succeed.

In my analysis and view, Braun and Clinton are the best choices for U.S. Senate and U.S. president, respectively, because they have a desire to help protect our needs and interests.

James Adeyemi