SGA candidate profile: Brad Beyer


Courtesy Brad Beyer

Northern Star Staff

The following is the response to a Northern Star questionnaire sent to all SGA candidates. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and consistency. 

Brad Beyer is running for a senator position in District 4.

Q: What’s your major, year in school and which student organizations have you been a part of?

A: I am a junior economics major. Aside from my heavy involvement in SGA, I have also served as the representative for the Department of Economics on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council. I am currently the vice president of the Economic Student Association and was previously the ‘Balanced Man’ Scholarship Chair for NIU’s Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Q: Why are you running for SGA?

A: I am running for reelection because my experiences before coming to NIU as well as my time spent on campus have given me insights. I’ve become well-versed on the barriers that often prevent a student from getting the college experience they are entitled to.

Q: What is your major goal for SGA?

A: My main goal for SGA next year is to help the senate create a more engaged student body, and to strengthen our organization’s relationships with other campus leaders to ensure that we are making the most of our platform.

Q: How will you represent the NIU student body?

A: By listening. In today’s political climate it’s unfortunately become routine to disregard the diversity of thought. It may seem overly simple, but having an open mind is the best way to work through politics, even if that means suspending your own personal beliefs to best serve those who vote you into office.

Q: What qualities make you a strong leader?

A: My best qualities are my attention to detail and being able to mentor those who need a little leg-up to realize their full potential — that creates confidence, which is essential to working on behalf of the students.

Q: What would you say is your greatest motivation?

A: I came to campus nontraditionally. I transferred up here my sophomore year after my first year at a much larger university downstate didn’t pan out the way I had intended. Fortunately, I am not alone as many of my fellow Huskies share a circuitous path to higher education. That said, helping as many as I can overcome adversity in college is what gets me out of bed each morning, and is why I have been so present in our student government offices.

Q: How have you grown during your time at NIU?

A: Working with people from varying backgrounds has opened my eyes to societal problems that I had never thought much of before. Above all, it’s increased my empathy for others.

Q: What would you say is your greatest strength?

A: One of the strengths that has been an asset to me is my sense of humor. A little bit goes a long way. By making a group of people laugh, we are reminded that we have more in common than what pulls us apart.

The Northern Star is publishing the candidates’ responses to our questions as they are given to us. The Northern Star is not endorsing SGA candidates.