SGA candidate profile: Ebenezer Okpiri


Courtesy Ebenezer Okpiri

Northern Star Staff

The following is the response to a Northern Star questionnaire sent to all SGA candidates. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and consistency.

Ebenezer Okpiri is running for a senator position in District 3.

Q: What’s your major, year in school and which student organizations have you been a part of?

A: I am a graduate student and industrial and systems engineering major. I am currently a founding member and chapter president of the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences member, planning committee for the Graduate Colloquium, member of the National Society of Black Engineers, member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering and volunteer at the Huskies of NIU and StemFest.

Q: Why are you running for SGA?

A: I am running for SGA because I believe there is much about our University that can be changed to increase enrollment, solidify retention and dramatically increase the quality of life for both students and faculty alike. As the democratically elected representative of the students at NIU, it is my duty to ensure that the thoughts, comments and questions of the students are relentlessly presented to the student body and University as a whole. I believe that I can meet this burden with confidence.

Q: What is your major goal for SGA?

A: I plan on introducing initiatives that will improve the academic and social well-being of the students at NIU. I also want to ensure more students are involved in the activities of SGA.

Q: How will you represent the NIU student body?

A: I will make conscious efforts to stay updated with the opinions, concerns and thoughts of the students at the Northern Illinois University. Their voices will always be heard at the student body.

Q: What qualities make you a strong leader?

A: I believe that matching my unparalleled commitment to the student body with my fresh perspective, innovative ideas and unique insights will best serve the greater NIU community. Moreover, my tireless efforts to challenge the notion of “can’t” and to defy the status quo in the best interests of the student are major requirements for leadership.

Q: What would you say is your greatest motivation?

A: The fact that I have been able to attain whatever height I set my mind to has been my strongest point of motivation.

Q: How have you grown during your time at NIU?

A: I have been able to make huge improvements in making impacts in the academic and social life of the students at NIU. I volunteered for the Huskies of NIU and managed the Instagram handle for a week, making one of the greatest engagements during this period. I also volunteered for the StemFest and played an active role in the just concluded edition.

I was part of the volunteers for the NSBE-NIU at the University of Chicago. I am currently a part of the planning committee for the Graduate Colloquium, a symposium to discuss issues relating to Industrial and systems engineering. I am also a founding member and chapter president of the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences.

I have been able to make exponential growth in barely six months as a student at NIU.

Q: What would you say is your greatest strength?

A: I consider my selflessness, work ethic and tenacity as my strongest suits.

The Northern Star is publishing the candidates’ responses to our questions as they are given to us. The Northern Star is not endorsing SGA candidates.