HVAC system in Wirtz Hall scheduled for replacement

By Rob Heselbarth

The river of construction and dismantling of the NIU campus will be flowing into yet another building.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in Wirtz Hall soon will be replaced in order to upgrade the existing system.

Scott Rogers, Capital Development Board (CDB) project manager said the original system was installed either in 1966 or 1967, making the system about 25 years old.

“These systems have a certain life-span and this one is running on a 25 to 30 year plan,” Rogers said.

He said the project involves the complete removal of the existing air supply system and the installation of new air conditioners and all major equipment involved in heating.

CDB spokesperson Mia Jazo said the budget for the project will come from CDB bond funds and will total $1.77 million.

“The plans are in preliminary design now,” Jazo said. “We are expecting a 50-percent review anytime now.”

Jazo said the 50-percent review is simply the next step up from the preliminary plans.

“Bids should go out in early February 1993,” she said. “It usually takes two months from the awarding of the contract until work begins, so work should begin in April if everything runs smoothly.”

Jazo said the project is expected to last 280 calendar days, about seven or eight months, but could change pending completion of the plans.

ogers said the replacement will be only in the main Wirtz building and not in the north addition.

“The project has been scheduled to minimally disrupt things going on in the building,” he said.

Jazo said the effect the project will have on students’ classes

depends on the final work schedule.

“It’s kind of early in the design process now, and they might not know exactly what they are planning to do yet,” she said.

Jazo said the architects, Dynacept Inc. of Evanston, Ill., still are drawing up the plans for the project.