Plain courtesy

All driving critiques and the issue of the little white lines aside (Hey! forget the speed limit too), this letter is in response to Robert Zings’ letter on Oct. 28.

I don’t think it was necessary for you to have referred to my name seven times in your letter or to refer to pedestrians as penguins, but I think you also missed the point.

The point is not who is right or wrong or pedestrians’ rights or drivers’ rights. The point is that people who are on foot, especially in the frigid weather that sometimes plagues DeKalb, are much more exposed than drivers in their cars. The fact is that in a college town or anywhere else for that matter, it is an issue of common courtesy. A courtesy of the drivers to stop and let pedestrians cross the street safely. Maybe we need those buttons to push so the light will turn red automatically, then we won’t have to risk our lives trying to get to class. Did you know that in California, as well as other states, it is a law that if a pedestrian sets foot in a street the cars stop and then cross. This should not be a war between driver and pedestrian, it should be an act of common courtesy.

Leslie Hurd