Ventus Tech Services plans to bring 50 high-paying jobs to DeKalb

Former mayor writes in letter of support for Ventus Tech Services, LLC.

Kierra Frazier, Senior Reporter

DeKALB — Ventus Tech Services, LLC., which plans to bring 50 high-paying jobs to the DeKalb area. An initial investment of more than $800 million and the construction of an approximately 900,000-square-foot facility was discussed at Monday night’s City Council meeting. 

Council members unanimously passed an ordinance on first reading to authorize the annexation and development agreement with Ventus Tech Services, LLC.

A vote for the second reading will be at the next city council meeting, 6 p.m. April 27. There will also be a public hearing at the April 27 meeting on the vacant portion of Crego Road. Without vacating the area, Crego Road would cut across the data center campus planned by the company, according to the agenda. 

At Monday night’s meeting, a public hearing was also held for the annexation and development of the company prior to the Council’s vote. The public hearing provided a chance for residents to share their opinions about the company’s move to the city.

Paul Borek, executive director of the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation, said the project would provide economic benefits in DeKalb County in the form of significant investment, construction and tax revenue.

John Rey, former City of DeKalb mayor, submitted an online comment to be read at the meeting and said he supports the annexation of land for Ventus Tech Services. 

“I endorse the Council’s approval of expanding the enterprise zone, tax abatement and annexation of acreage for this project,” Rey said. “We need the expanded tax base in jobs provided by the company located in DeKalb.”

The City Council also discussed an ordinance to provide tax increment funding to a new business in the DeKalb area at Monday’s council meeting. Read about it here.