P.C. thoughts

Recently, we have been brooding darkly over the past controversy surrounding the name of the Pow Wow Room and political correctness in general.(Chivas)

What possesses students from affluent suburbs to wear Salvation Army clothes and call themselves Marxists. (lead paint) We guess it’s easy to trumpet the cause of the downtrodden when Dad is picking up the tab on your Gold Cards. (parasitic brats) If we had enough of everything we needed, we’d love and get along with everyone too. (Santa Claus)

Everyone knows that the fervent prayer of all oppressed peoples is for some know-it-all meddler to take it upon himself to invent a more palatable name for them, e.g.: “the fiscally challenged.” (feeble) Any educated person will readily agree that politically-correct sensitivity does far more good than tangible help and genuine acceptance. (presto-chango)

NIU, the epitome of bureaucratic alchemy, has to be the most lackluster forum imaginable for staging a global consciousness -raising revolution. (wrecking ball) Besides, these buffoons are too epais to realize that the whole sixties hippie miasma was a coldly calculated Madison Avenue marketing scheme. (dupes) They fail to notice that most of the starry-eyed aquarians of the sixties became the most brutal capitalists since the East India Company.

They also fail to realize that it is loads of fun and very gratifying to oppress those beneath one; it always has been. (professors) Even the lowliest galley slave dreams about being the hortator or carrying the scourge. (assistant manager)

Ironically, exclusive snobbery typifies the counter-culture elect; if you weren’t invited, don’t bother tagging along. (Club Dead) Alas, teasing these gentle souls is like shooting Holsteins with a Tomahawk Missile. (TV Guide Crossword) By and by, these latter-day flower children will shed this naive facade, cut their hair, get nicer clothes, and transmogrify into the good little consumers that God intended them to be. (homogeneous demographic)

Although no one has said anything about the name of the Genesis Bazaar being offensive to Fundamentalist Christians, we have come up with alternate names for the Pow Wow and Blackhawk which are perhaps less offensive to Native Americans; The General George Custer Room and The Little Big Buffet. The Dugout, which trivialized Native American water craft, could be changed to The Last Snack Stand. (ridiculous)

Genuine efforts to redress the many atrocities perpetrated upon Native Americans would be acts of true human compassion. Sadly, the authoritarian political correctness movement demeans the horrible suffering of too many people.

Peter J. Gogola

Law Student

Robert Anthenat