English minor needs saving

The English department’s plan for handing out late class permits to English minors is a sensible one. The department decided to award the precious few late class permits to seniors graduating in May. Only about 30 permits remain for 150 requests which were denied during the regular permit request period of which 60 were senior requests. It is vital that seniors graduate on time with their minor completed. In addition, a list will be posted outside the department office detailing who is eligible to apply for the coveted permits. This is a good step in trying to convenience already angry students.

Students have a right to complain about the lack of classes offered, but seniors should have started on their minor a bit earlier, making sure they would not be shanghaied at the last moment.

There’s only one problem here and it points to the big picture—if there is a shortage of classes, why doesn’t the English department increase the number of classes it offers to better meet demand?

Oh, we forgot—that’s out of the realm of possibility. After all, heaven forbid faculty workloads should actually increase in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or more funding should go toward departments with higher student demand. That would be unacceptable to those residing in the ivory tower. Most English faculty members teach only two or three classes a semester, the standard at NIU. We realize money is tight, but if the demand is so great the only choices are to either increase workloads or funding, not to leave the students high and dry.

College officials do not seem to be greatly disturbed by talk of dropping the English minor. After all, if the minor is dropped, faculty workloads would more than likely decrease even further. How about a little more fighting and yelling when the budgets are being planned?