Police report rise in drug overdoses


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The DeKalb Police Department reported Tuesday that it’s seen a recent rise in drug-related calls and deaths.

Northern Star Staff

DeKALB — The DeKalb Police Department reported a recent increase in drug-related calls and overdoses, according to a news release Tuesday. Two deaths occurring between Monday and Tuesday appear to have been drug-induced and are currently under investigation.

Street drugs often are mixed with other substances or drugs. Fentanyl is a drug commonly found mixed with these street-level drugs, and it can be potent and fatal when taken improperly.

Heroin Opioid Outreach Prevention and Education is a program offered by the police department to help those fighting addiction. Project HOPE helps place individuals in treatment facilities that vary from in-patient detox and rehabilitation to outpatient counseling. Those fighting any drug or alcohol addiction are encouraged by the police department to participate in the program.

The police department promises confidentiality to participants who also have the option to turn in any drugs or drug equipment without facing charges.

Participation in Project HOPE is voluntary. For more information, the police department can be reached at 815-748-8400.