Society wrong

This weekend DeKalb Police made several arrests and busted at least two major parties. The reasoning behind this was to enforce laws against the selling of alcohol without a license. The problem, though, is not the parties because there are hardly any problems at these parties. Rather, it’s American society’s silly attitude toward the consumption of alcohol.

If one is of the age of 18, they become legally liable for their own acts, eligible for a draft in war times and taxable citizens, yet they cannot drink a beer. It is true that some people throw parties and advertise it in the paper mostly to make money. These types of parties are asking to be busted. However, it is unfortunate that some parties, which are thrown purely in the spirit of having a good time, have silly regulations forced upon them.

First is the regulation of kegs. In my apartment complex we are not allowed to throw parties with kegs but the management allows parties with cans of beer. How is this practical? With a keg everyone uses just one cup. With cans people drink about an average of three cans. So for a party of 50 people how can 150 cans of beer be cleaner, more manageable and more practical than 50 cups? It just doesn’t make sense.

The second regulation is the drinking age and enforcement of it in college. The drinking age is silly to begin with, but why does society disapprove of college parties? Oh, I forgot—we are not mature adults. We are not looking to the future. We have only decided that an education is needed to expand capacity, rather than a career at McDonalds.

Sal Lopez