Student Emergency Fund relaunches applications


Patrick Murphy

NIU relaunched the Student Emergency Fund on June 1. Students can apply for up to$500 in financial assistance.

Ahyen Labanan, News Editor

Students who have received previous funding from the Student Emergency Fund can begin applying for additional assistance on June 15. Meanwhile, any students who have not received any previous funding from the emergency fund can currently apply via the Division of Student Affairs

Students who are enrolled in summer or fall courses are eligible to apply for up to $500. These funds can range from $150 to $500. Both undocumented and international students can apply for funding, according to the emergency fund FAQ website

Students who graduated in May and are not enrolled in summer or fall courses are not eligible to apply for funding. 

The funds are grants and do not need to be repaid; however, funds may count as income and might be subject to federal and/or state taxes, according to an April 2 Northern Star article. These funds will be directly deposited to students’ or sent through mail. 

Over 3,000 students received assistance through the fund. The amount of requests initially exceeded the amount of funding available in April, according to the Division of Student affairs. 

Contact the Center for Student Assistance at 815-753-8300 or by emailing for any questions. Donations to the Student Emergency Fund can be made through the NIU Alumni Association website