Candidate discusses state economy

By Peter Schuh

Democratic State Senate candidate John Nelson, with the assistance of U.S. Sen. Paul Simon, held a news conference Friday to discuss improving the state’s economy.

Nelson, who is running for the newly-created 35th District state senate seat against Republican Brad Burzynski, addressed his plan to strengthen Illinois’ economy while speaking at Children’s Learning Center, 905 S. Fourth St.

“To strengthen our economy, we need to invest in our infrastructure, manufacturing base and educational system,” Nelson said. “I have proposed that the state of Illinois utilize the construction of a third airport as the base for a statewide program for jobs and investment in our infrastructure.”

Nelson explained the reason for his support of Chicago’s third airport by citing the case of the state of Colorado.

“Utilization of the construction of a new airport to stimulate a state economy has a precedent in the plan which was necessary for Colorado to pull itself out of the 1981 recession,” he said.

Nelson also said he plans to meet the other needs of the communities in his district, which include water systems, sewer systems and bridges.

Nelson added that he would support one state plan to construct an experimental monorail system between St. Louis and Chicago. The system, if found practical, could be used to create an efficient means of travel between Chicago and Rockford and would include a stop in DeKalb.

Nelson’s final point was on his proposal to implement statewide recycling. This, he said, “would stimulate good- paying local jobs.”

“We can capitalize on the development and utilization of environment technology to create and stimulate jobs as well,” he said.

Nelson stressed that all these projects would create the jobs which this state desperately needs.

Simon reaffirmed his backing of Nelson as a candidate for the state senate.

“I agree with John Nelson that government and business ought to enter into meaningful partnerships to develop and stimulate the economy,” he said.

Simon also said he felt the “Democratic vote” would be strong for all Illinois elections this year. He said he disagreed that candidates would be riding on presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s coattails, but said, “Hopefully, Clinton will be riding on their coattails.”