Homecoming theme to ignite school spirit

By Gloria Carr

NIU students will be getting “All Fired Up” for Homecoming 1992.

The theme for this year’s Homecoming was inspired by Van Halen’s recording of “All Fired Up.”

Russ Wayne, coordinator for the Homecoming committee, said selecting the theme was a difficult process. “We were trying really hard and nothing fit,” he said.

Inspiration came from one of Wayne’s friends who was singing Van Halen’s song. The title seemed to fit and Wayne said he presented it to the committee.

While Wayne said school spirit is hard to find at NIU, he said he hopes the theme is exciting and will appeal to students. “We are hoping the theme itself will get people going and come out.”

The theme helps give students a direction for traditional events, such as the parade, Yell Like Hell, Paint the Town and banner designs.

Previous themes included “Huskies Rock the House-1991,” “Doghouse Domination-1990,” and “Spirt Comes Alive-1989.”

But “All Fired Up” invokes many more ideas and creativity, Wayne said.

This year’s logo was done by Chris Tedin, an artist at the University Bookstore. “It’s intense and really abstract,” Wayne said.

The design is of a dog within flames. It will be used on all the promotional materials, which encourages students to “Come on out and get fired up,” Wayne said.