Bad argument

Mr. Plonka, in his features column “Kid’s Exploring Leads to Thrill of Discovery,” Thursday, Oct. 8, believes that in respect to the years of continued genocide against this country’s Native Americans that “if Chris hadn’t discovered this land, someone else would have and the same stuff would’ve happened.” Gee, I never looked at it in quite that way. Maybe you are right, Mr. Plonka. By the same token, why don’t we celebrate the birthday of the man who drove the first slave ship over here? After all, if he hadn’t done it, someone else would have, and I’m sure we can find something commendable about him. And what about Hitler? Sure, he did some terrible things, but if he hadn’t someone else would have. Get real, Mr. Plonka, and learn some sensitivity for a mighty people that are continually under or rather un-represented on their native soil. Your ethnocentricism makes me sick.

Dirk Wethington


Graduate Assistant