Letter to the editor: Peaceful protesters

By Frank Beierlotzer

This letter is to all peaceful protesters.
I believe there are probably a few bad apples in every profession of work and area of our society.
Please, just look around and see if you agree with me.
The First Amendment of our Constitution allows the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
God bless those that peaceably assemble to protest our Government on any issue that they dislike in our
In my opinion, when a few bad apples join any of the peaceful protests, they seem to cause some of the
peaceful protests to become non-peaceful protests. At that point the original purpose and meaning of
those protests are lost.
Do peaceful protesters really want to be associated with brick throwers, broken windows, destroyed
vehicles, burned buildings, looting and so forth? If they do, then they become parties to the same crime
that the few bad apples are committing.
I would hope that the real peaceful protesters would leave the non-peaceful protests and allow the few
bad apples to be handled with by the proper authorities.
Please follow the laws, be peaceful, be safe and get your message understood, not distorted.