Give opportunity

I am going to attempt to kill two birds with one stone. I found two of your letters in your Thursday Sept. 24 paper to be both very one-sided and ignorant. I feel it is my duty to those of us who are not in the majority to respond to the letters.

One of the letters titled “Less Qualified” enforces the stereotype amongst the majority that the most qualified person of a minority group can never measure up to his white counterpart. Just by reading the title you can tell that is what is trying to be said. What most whites do not understand is that in reality minorities are not as well off, as a whole, compared to the majority. Most of us would love for this country to be truly equal (as it should be), but realistically we are not.

The reason Northern should continue to accept minorities who are not qualified to come is because if this country ever plans on educating its minorities to become hard-working citizens, then they should be given the opportunity to attend college.

The other letter titled “Aid for Needy” has a good point in that people who are in need of financial aid should be a priority, but as a university, Northern has a responsibility to recruit people of minority backgrounds in order to enhance the learning process. Financial aid should be left to the state and the federal government, not the universities.

Having people of many cultures attend Northern truly prepares us for the world which we will enter when we leave here. The United States is becoming less white and more colored, so it is important that we learn how to deal with this change. What better place to learn than in one of the most social organizations in America—college?

Jesus E. Zuniga