Nelson letters

I feel that it is very important that the citizens of the 35th District know that Brad Burzynski has not once in his campaign for state senator resorted to smear tactics and mudslinging techniques.

Brad Burzynski believes in the importance of the issues and continues to address them. His opponent, John Nelson of Rockford, on the other hand has resorted to all of these tactics. He has also used this portion of The Northern Star as a free campaign ad. Nelson has taken up space given to students to voice their opinions, with a stack of form letters from Rockford.

Brad Burzynski is concerned with the students of NIU and the programs here at Northern. As a former school teacher, he is committed to education. Brad Burzynski has focused his energy on NIU and its students. He has sponsored legislation abolishing the Board of Regents and the formation of a local board. This could possibly save NIU millions of dollars, money that could be spent on the students.

In an election year when we are demanding the candidates to address the issues, I find it insulting that John Nelson would use mudslinging to try to convince me to vote for him. The students at NIU are not stupid, and we can see the tactics that are being used and who is addressing our concerns. There is only one choice for the students of NIU and all of the citizens of the 35th District—Brad Burzynski.

Lori A. Saathoff

Political Science