NIU professor chosen as editor of literary volume

By Stacy Goldman

An NIU professor has been named editor for a forthcoming literary volume.

Philip Dust, an NIU English professor, has been chosen North American Editor for a volume of “The Papers of the International Neo-Latin Congress in Copenhagen.”

Dust is a specialist on Renaissance and 17th century literature and has been published in the volume for the last 20 years. Dust is also the author of three books which have topics that range from Greek literature translations to theoretical essays on classical authors.

“The Neo-Latin Congress is a worldwide meeting of scholars specializing in late Latin literature,” Dust said. “Conferences for this literary volume are held every three years because of the great cost involved.

“Deciding what works conform to publishers’ standards and meet the set criteria is my job,” he said.

Dust said, “The volume consists of 450 pages of essays by U.S. and Canadian scholars. Essays by European scholars on a wide variety of topics will cover 700 pages of the volume.” The volume is scheduled for publication by the State University of New York Press in 1993, he said.

Dust said, “This volume is a great route for people to be exposed to Renaissance literature.”