See you there!

know you don’t want me to take you literally and assume that you are a total idiot. I know that you know that Malcolm X is NOT “Malcolm the Tenth” (Sept. 30). BY THE SAME TOKEN, you should not take Spike Lee’s comment literally. Mr. Lee is merely trying to say that it is important for people (especially ignorant people like you) to see this movie. Frankly, I’m tired of people shoving Dr. Martin Luther King (God bless his soul) in my face as if he is the ONLY hero for African-Americans. However, he is rarely discussed in schools or on television. I applaud Spike Lee for bringing to the screen issues and characters to which I, an African-American woman, can relate. (Sorry, I just can’t get into “Terms of Endearment” and “Driving Miss Daisy.”) You may call it exploitation. But you know what? This is a capitalist society. I choose to pay $7 or more to see something relevant to ME. If “Malcolm X” comes to a theater in DeKalb (I’ll be surprised if it does) I hope I see your butt there.

Anita Coward

English Major