Editorial: Respect COVID-19 guidelines and concerns of fellow Huskies


Northern Star file photo

Haven Dubeck, a junior psychology major, is starting a club to support and advocate for students with disabilities. A goal for the new club is to get parking and bus accommodations.

In less than a month, classes will begin again. 

The Northern Star Editorial Board would like to remind students to consider their health and safety and the safety of those around them as we return to campus. During this uncertainty we live in, it is important to follow safety guidelines and be considerate of those around you and what they are doing to feel comfortable in this time. 

NIU has done a great deal in creating a “Protect the Pack” plan to ensure that students remain as safe as possible. Residence halls will only provide single rooms, and hand sanitizer stations will be installed throughout campus. Many services, such as tutoring, have adjusted hours to allow for cleanings, and the in-person classes are much smaller in size and more spread out. 

The plan is much more extensive, and students can and should check it out before returning to campus. 

The university has done and continues to do its part. Now it is our turn. Everyone is processing and handling this pandemic differently and with different levels of precaution. It is important to keep this in mind and respect your fellow Huskies and what they choose to do. 

If a friend doesn’t feel comfortable going out to eat, respect that. Maybe they are more immunocompromised than you are. You never know what the person you’re sitting next to on the bus is doing to stay safe. They may be isolating every chance they get, only leaving to go to class. Think about that before entering the bus. If you just went to a crowded gathering, think about sanitizing before going back to campus, to respect those who may not go to those gatherings. Wear a mask at all social events to help reduce the spread. 

There are little things each of us can do in our everyday lives to help those around us. Even if the person standing next to you in the dining hall line doesn’t know you have been out and about, you can still make small changes to keep both of you safe. 

Respect one another and their boundaries and remember we have to protect our pack.