Quality circus

I have a question for Robert Rizzo in his Oct. 6, 1992 letter to the editor. Were you even there? It is more than apparent that you weren’t and that you know not of what you speak. First, the truth. The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow is a group of five entertainers who tour the country, staging exhibitions of their extraordinary abilities and talents in a carefully choreographed, theatrical manner. There are no bearded ladies, lizard_boys or two_headed freaks. There is no humiliation, degradation or exploitation of personal differences. Why? Because there are no personal or physical differences. They are just ordinary, average guys who have mastered highly specialized skills of physical endurance and muscle control. Granted, some demonstrations are easier to watch than others, but everything is executed with precision, control and timing. There is also a nice comic touch that adds to the enjoyment of the show. Do you really think, Mr. Rizzo, that if Jim Rose had wheeled out a cart with a disfigured person shackled to it, that the crowd in the Duke Ellington Ballroom would have stood up and applauded?

I have seen the show twice. I have participated onstage with them. I have even met and talked with each and every member of the show personally. They are not freaks to be exploited. They are hard working entertainers who enjoy putting on a good show for their fans.

Next time you decide to write a letter to the editor, Mr. Rizzo, I strongly suggest that you research your topic a bit more thoroughly. Try going to the show, for example. By the way, the show did receive a more than enthusiastic standing ovation from the Ballroom crowd, because it was one of the most entertaining shows NIU has seen in years.

David L. Emerson