Housing: Students can submit phone recording of COVID-19 test results


Patrick Murphy

Littered plastic gloves lay on the ground outside the New Residence Hall Community Center in DeKalb on Wednesday, May 6th.

Northern Star Staff

DeKALB Housing and Residential Services announced Wednesday students can upload a recording of their COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction test. 

Housing advises students to follow the following instructions after completing a COVID-19 PCR test: 

  1. When calling the testing site, the student should ask the respondent, “Can I record this call for the purpose of sending my results to Northern Illinois University?”
  2. iPhone users can use “Voice Memos” and Android users can use “Voice Recorder” to record the conversation and create an MP4/MP3 file
  3. Save the file and use the student’s first initial and last name as the title 
  4. Upload the file according to instructions from the student’s move-in reservation email 
  5. The student should receive an email confirming the submission of their results after uploading the file 

All students moving into residence halls this fall are required to take COVID-19 PCR tests. Students are required to be tested no sooner than seven days prior to their scheduled move-in date, and they must share results with NIU no later than 24 hours prior to their move-in date. 

Visit the Housing website for more information. 

Contact the Center for Student Assistance at studentassistance@niu.edu or call 815-753-8300 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for questions about insurance or testing.