Numbers count

I’m writing this response to the response written by Pat Sullivan in the Oct. 19 editorials. Well, here’s what I’ve got to say.

Pat, I’m glad to hear that you’re honored by Notre Dame’s team name, and maybe I would be too if I followed the games as much as you probably do. But whether one person is honored by it, or even whether there isn’t one Irish person on that team isn’t important. Pat, you are one man, and so am I. Now NATIONS, on the other hand, is a mass, a number of people, who are representing an even larger group people who all, for the most part, feel the same way.

And what do they feel? Do we understand? Could we? Do you think they’re making an issue out of a lounge’s name just to pass the time? Of course they’re not. They have a message. They’re hurt—their heritage and image has been scarred and marred almost to death. Just look down an isle in any toy store, watch some kids play “cowboys and Indians,” or just watch old TV westerns! Everywhere you go you see a bit of the “Indian” stereotype. And the lounge’s name is not any better. Sure we say it’s a meeting place, but that isn’t what a Pow Wow is. Why continue to spread misinformation once we’ve realized it’s wrong? Why stay ignorant to the fact that we are hurting a race when it would be as easy as a snap of the fingers to end it? That’s all I wonder—WHY?

Sure, in a democratic system the majority rules. But does that mean we ignore the minority? Does it make it right to continue an action that’s harmful just because it had good intentions?

Let’s wake up! Change the name so they can rest and move on. And let’s be a little more careful in the future by not just thinking of how our actions affect the present, but also how they could affect the future.

Besides, “Bow Wow Lounge” fits our mascot better. Hell, it would mean only changing ONE LETTER! Do you think it could be done?

Abraham J. Miller

An undecided Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, and French freshman