Symposium offers views on research

By Bryan Malenius

The NIU Department of Leadership and Educational Policy Studies announced its annual research symposium and awards convocation on Oct. 16 and 17 in the Holmes Student Center.

“We are giving three awards for outstanding service. We have an award for outstanding student service, one for outstanding student scholarship and another for this year’s outstanding alumni who this year happens to be an alumna,” said Lucy Townsend, awards ceremony chairperson.

Another honored guest is NIU Presidential Teaching Professor John A. Niemi, this year’s recipient of the Presidential Teaching Professor Award.

With the award, Niemi receives a $5,000 stipend for each of four years, a semester’s leave to pursue teaching-related interests and a $2,000 increase in base salary.

Other award recipients include Linda Caputi, slated to receive the Outstanding Student Scholarship Award and Frances O’Neill, who is to receive the Outstanding Alumna Award.

Caputi’s award comes for her work in the taxonomy of instructional software for nursing educations.

O’Neill’s is for outstanding efforts in the Freeport School district.

O’Neill will be awarded not just for her service on district committees cut, but for being an outstanding school teacher as well.

The Symposium begins Oct. 15 at noon and runs through the following day at the Holmes Student Center.

Ethics and education is the central theme of the three general sessions highlighting the symposium.

Thirty-four speakers will present their research projects through panel discussions, presentations of individual papers and other media.

Due to the popularity of last year’s event, a “town meeting” again will be held Saturday afternoon.

Symposium Chairman Byron Radebaugh said the town meeting involves a debate on the autonomy of power of superintendents throughout the state.

“We’re also having two exhibits. One is about a journal we publish our research in and the other is an exhibit of books our department has published,” he said.

One student is scheduled to be honored for her outstanding service.

Joye Knight arranged the appearances of the colloquium and outside speaker, but also initiated an introduction to black studies for undergraduate students at NIU.

Knight also attended and gave a paper presentation at the National Council for Black Studies in April.

The deadline for awards ceremony reservations is Oct. 12. For information call Amelia Gould at 753-1491.