Man’s view

This letter is in regard to the pro-choice population and in particular Mary Hensley:

It really is sad to know that you are a “survivor” with your close-minded conservative attitude. Let me share some facts with you about being pro-choice:

1)I am a man. It is not my decision what a woman is to do with her body, whether it is makeup, a tattoo, cosmetic surgery, or an abortion. If a woman wants to, then let her!

2)Although I am pro-choice, I do not believe that abortion should be used as a regular method of birth control. Plenty of prevention methods exist, from rhythm to sterilization.


3)Rape victims and women incapable of giving birth without risking bodily harm (i.e. pelvic damage) deserve to have an option to abort the fetus. After all how would you feel knowing you are the child of a rapist or killed your mother as she gave birth to you?

4)Adoption is possible—but likely? After giving birth, would you want to throw away your child? How many pro-life friends do you know that have adopted children? Are you planning to adopt?

5)You claim the human body is literally intact within eight weeks—WRONG! Sexual organs are not fully developed until the 12th week.

6)First trimester abortions are the most “popular” where the pregnancy has just been discovered. And as you claim, even four or five months, which is second trimester. This should be a last opportunity to have an abortion. The third trimester fetus should not be aborted at all in my opinion.

7)How many times have we heard your pro-life whining about the creative minds we are killing off? Just remember, for every Einstein that is aborted, there is also another Hitler being aborted.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it tonight, unless you are afraid of the possible birth defects it may cause to your fetus.

Derek Haverland

Art Major