SA is making NIU safe through informed students

The function of the Office of Campus Welfare is to ensure that all students are informed of resources and privileges available to them. Two important examples of resources available to our campus are the emergency call-boxes and the “Safety and you at NIU” manual.

The emergency call-boxes are located throughout the campus. There are 17 call-boxes that can be identified by a fluorescent blue light that is attached on top of the call-box. The call-boxes are rigged to an alarm that is automatically triggered in the Department of Public Safety (University Police), just by opening the door of the call-box. The alarm tells them exactly which call-box you are at. You can maintain two-way communication by picking up the phone inside of the call-box.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you’re ever in trouble, locate a call-box and use it. The 17 locations are as follows:

1. Lot V, Kishwaukee Drive

2. the corner of Garden and Lucinda

3. on Gilbert, by the Jack Arends art building

4. east of Castle, by the west lagoon

5. Lot 13, by the Psych/Math building

6. north of Swen Parson

7. south end of MLK commons

8. west of Cole Hall

9. between Gable Hall and University Circle Dr.

10. Lot D on Lucinda

11. corner of Stadium Drive and Lucinda, by Lincoln Hall

12. Stadium Drive East and Stadium Drive

13. Lot P west of Stevenson South

14. Stevenson Drive North and Grant Drive West, by east lagoon

15. Lot J, Grant Drive East

16. Walkway between university married student housing and Lots R and X

17. Normal Road, by School of Nursing

The “Safety and you at NIU” manual is a yearly publication put out by the Student Association, through this office. It is a manual that offers a listing of services available to students that deal with general safety and welfare, such as the Counseling and Student Development Center, University Judicial Office and Health Enhancement Services. The publication also offers information such as residence hall and home safety, telephone tips, street smarts on campus and safety while driving. There is also important information on emergency assistance call-boxes, sexual assault, alcohol consumption tips, prevention of STD’s and facts about AIDS. Lastly, there are emergency telephone numbers, and the Huskie Bus route and main campus maps are included.

This publication is updated and reprinted yearly. It is distributed throughout the campus, through the Student Association. It is currently being updated and should be available by the end of November.

The SA Office Of Campus Welfare also deals with such things as Campus Crime Prevention week, Judicial Hearing Board appointments and The Campus Crime Bulletin (in conjunction with RHA). If you have any concerns, problems or suggestions about the general welfare, security or safety of this campus, please do not hesitate to call 753-9926 or the S.A. main office, 753-0482.