A century of smiles …

By Rob Bolton

“It’s a nice step. Really, for me, the season’s more important, how we do, how the team is playing. We did play very well, so that was nice to go out with a really clean victory over Wright State.”

NIU volleyball head coach Pete Waite has gone at it for over four years. Results similar to Saturday’s are the rewards. In the aftermath … 100 wins.

“Just knowing what went into the program, what went into those 100 wins,” Waite reflected, “because we really built it from the ground up. We had a good first year, but after that we just brought in a totally new crew and started working. So, it’s really exciting to see how quickly it was done … a lot of hard work by the team.”

His career record now adds a digit as it stands at a formidable 100-47. Since 1988, Waite has tallied seasons of 22-8, 9-20, 26-8, 27-9 and the current 16-2.

The landmark may show signs of insignificance to Waite, but his team refused to let it go unnoticed. After the Huskies sealed the blowout, Kori Schauer and Amy Foulke rose their skipper high atop their shoulders in congratulations.

“The weightlifting’s been paying off,” eluded Waite. “Hopefully , they’re not hurt for the next match.”

No one was injured and once again, eyes focus on that next challenge, at DePaul on Tuesday, for 101.

“We’ll keep it goin‘,” Waite assured.

Truly, a Sweetest Day for Pete Waite.