I am writing in response to the Columbus Day protest which was held in the MLK Commons on Monday, Oct. 12. To put it bluntly, I find the whole thing a waste of time and completely unnecessary.

This letter is to all of the people out there who are so against the actions of Christopher Columbus. This man lived 500 years ago. 500 years! All of the people who are protesting him are putting him down because he supposedly stole from and raped others around him. He was also supposed to have killed a large number of people. Put these actions into context, my friends. Back then, this was considered a semi-normal way of life. Columbus was no different from any other man. The people who protest him, protest his actions as compared to the morals of today’s society. Sure, if someone did this today, I could see being upset, but it’s not. Five hundred years is a long time ago and what’s done is done. What is the purpose of putting a dead man on trial? What are you gaining from all of this?

Furthermore, if you stop and think about it, where would you be today if Columbus hadn’t found America and had landed in the Indies? You surely wouldn’t be here to protest him. You might not have even been here at all.

I think people today are just looking for something to protest. If you need to get steam off your chest, try to protest something worthwhile. I’m sure you can find something much better than picking on a dead man who lived five centuries ago. I’m not saying that Columbus should be considered a great hero, or even that there should be a day of recognition set aside for him. He was a brave man for exploring parts of the world which had never been discovered before. I, for one, admire that and believe he deserves a place in the history books.

So, to all of you who joined in on the little protest, get with the times. Forget about what has happened in the past and let it lie. When you find something worth protesting, let me know, and I’ll be happy to join you. But until that time, think about what you’re going against.

Jon Feucht

Art Major