Look at record

As a person who is deeply interested in the environment, I want to outline some real differences between our state senatorial candidates in the 35th district.

John Nelson is on record as having a firm solution to toxic problems caused by fires, like the one at Park Plating in Loves Park, Ill. The company walked away from the mess, let the rains wash toxins all around the area for a year and a half and the problem wasn’t fixed until the area was declared a Federal Emergency Site. The clean up cost was $50,000 of the taxpayers’ money.

John Nelson has strongly promoted his idea for a law to make companies that have fires or hazardous waste spills use a portion of their insurance money—up front—to clean up the contamination.

Now, let’s look at Brad Burzynski’s voting record:

He voted against a 60-cent landfill “tipping fee” that was to ensure recycling programs, and to cut the moratorium on air polluting incinerators from five years down to one year.

He votes against requiring hospitals to have a waste reduction plan.

He voted another time against a five-year incinerator moratorium and against exempting research facilities from the moratorium.

But worst of all, Burzynski voted against requiring a conviction for the dumping of hazardous waste, to be recorded on the title of the property on which the hazardous waste was dumped. Without this record being made, future buyers of the property would not know what their liabilities were, nor would users know what the dangers were.

The only ones helped by Burzynski’s vote on this issue would be the owners of the toxic property.

I urge you to vote for John Nelson to represent us.

We need a careful approach to these dangerous environmental questions.

Fred H. Ware