Committee searches for outstanding candidates

By Ralph Argueta

Nominations for eligible honorary degree candidates are being accepted at NIU.

The degree is issued every semester to recognize one person who surpasses all others in their field of work. Although there are no nominations yet, students and faculty members have until Dec. 4 to nominate candidates.

Jerrold Zar, chair of the honorary degree committee, said the committee is looking for nominations. “Anyone distinguished by the university, such as an eminent scientist or business leader from across the country, can be nominated,” Zar said.

Although Zar said it is desired that candidates be affiliated with NIU, this is not required. Any nomination must have a supporting narrative and one or more biographical statements from their reference sources.

Of the previous 16 honorary degree winners, three were connected with NIU.

Samuel Goldich, a retired NIU geology professor, won the award in May 1987. Raya Garbousova, a retired NIU music faculty member, will receive her degree this December, and Lucien Stryk, a retired faculty member from the English department, will receive his degree in December 1993.

It may seem unusual that the winners of the degree won’t receive it right away. In fact, the winner of this semester’s degree probably will not receive it until May 1994.

“It takes a while before the winner is given the degree, usually because the process has to go through channels. The candidate must go before the Board of Regents, and the winner may not be immediately available to receive it,” said Susan Stelling, administrative secretary for Zar.

Anyone at NIU is eligible to submit a nomination. If there are any questions, more information can be obtained by calling the Graduate School at 753-0395.