Letter to the editor: NIU needs political diversity

By Wayne Lela

According to a mandatory diversity training “Conversations on Diversity and Equity” seminar at NIU that is required for all student organization leaders, the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered an example of so-called “anti-blackness.”  Things are getting really bizarre when a perfectly all-inclusive phrase like “All Lives Matter” is considered anti-anything.  But what’s happening on many college campuses nowadays is nowhere near what should be happening.

Students need to wake up and see how they are being indoctrinated and manipulated and molded by liberally biased, “politically correct”  teachers and administrators on so many college campuses, which teachers and administrators are trying to impose their questionable values on students.  Students need to see how they are being cheated out of a proper education.

It’s no big secret many many professors are liberal.  Hopefully students are aware of all the one-sided, liberal propaganda they are manipulatively being exposed to. But I fear they are not.

And there is discrimination against conservative students and teachers on college campuses.  The legal group acronymed FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), which defends conservative teachers and students who have been discriminated against by liberal bigots on various college campuses, could provide you with a lengthy list of such cases.  The civil rights of conservatives are under attack on many college campuses.  (You don’t hear about all this liberal bigotry and discrimination because the corrupt, “fake news” liberal media don’t want you to know about it.  But it’s a huge national scandal.)

It would be nice to see students pushing for intellectual diversity on their campuses, and maybe even affirmative action for hiring a true minority on college campuses: conservative teachers. Until that happens, liberal college professors and administrators will feel free to continue to try to take advantage of their students, to indoctrinate them instead of educate them in order to impose their questionable values on them. That needs to change.