Not their fault

We’ve noticed lately that a lot of people have been led to believe that there is a dictatorship in D.C. nowadays. Bush and Quayle are responsible for EVERY shortcoming in the U.S. system of capitalism, even hurricanes and earthquakes. It’s interesting to note that those who have been working hard at bouncing checks, giving themselves pay raises, and passing NOTHING Pres. Bush presents to them (Democrats in Congress) aren’t receiving the credit they rightly deserve for the U.S. “dilemma,” if there is one at all. Yes, it’s all Bush’s fault, after all, he only has had to deal with the sudden fall of Communism, a lunatic in the Gulf, and the worst set of natural disasters in the history of America. Any one of these things would be enough to occupy all his time, much less to have to hear all the whiners and beggars of this country take advantage of the media’s sympathy. Everyone should stop jumping on the anti-Bush bandwagon created by the media (which is still sore at Bush for being shut out of all the gory scenes of the Gulf War) and look around. Bush has done a masterful job of handling all the intense events of the last four years. It’s inaccurate to say he has ignored America because the reason nothing has happened is because the Democrats on the Hill rejected every one of his proposals. Ignoring the richest nation on earth probably wouldn’t be hard anyway considering what’s been going on around the world in the last four years. Bush has acted decisively at every crucial stepping stone when he has had the chance. He has had his hands tied up during the recession by Congress. At least Jimmy Carter had a cooperative Congress (look what happened). So, if you want higher taxes than you’ve ever seen, inflation, shaky foreign policy, and your money going to losers who hang out at the liquor store and don’t deserve a penny of aid, vote Clinton. The U.S. dilemma is that those who are lazy and jealous of those who have made themselves successful are getting too much media coverage. What we are witnessing is not a weak administration but a maturation of capitalism, the beautiful system where those who are worthy are rewarded and those who refuse to adapt to changing circumstances get upset. More government interference of the system for the benefit of people who can’t handle themselves isn’t the answer.

Tom Onusaitis



Jeff Turay