Good reporting

I would like to express a great deal of thanks from myself, and two thousand plus other greeks. The NIU greek system has been given a small amount of press coverage over the five years that I have been here. However, the press coverage over the five focused only on the negative issues.

That is why we would like to thank Michelle Esposito, the Greek Affairs Reporter, and anyone else that has been involved with the objective coverage of greek activities this year.

This appears to be the first time that our organizations have been covered with any consistency. The articles have included information on everyday greek life, and also on some of the tension that existed on Greek Row at the beginning of the school year. In both cases there was no traditional greek bashing or bias, but there was true, down to earth, objective reporting. Once again Michelle Esposito, I thank you. Please continue to perform at this high professional level, and show others the fact that the greeks are doing much more good than harm. You most certainly have my support.

Terence Powell

Delta Sigma Phi