Oberweis apparent winner of DeKalb County as of election night

Wes Sanderdson, Reporter

DeKALB— State Senator Jim Oberweis is the apparent winner of DeKalb County as of election night for the Illinois 14th congressional district with 322 more votes than incumbent Lauren Underwood in Tuesday’s election.

Oberweis won with 9,867 votes in DeKalb County against Underwood with 9,545 votes, according to the Dekalb County election site.

Oberweis, who is a native of the Fox Valley, ran on his ties to the district. Oberweis is a graduate of Marmion Military Academy in Aurora and graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. Oberweis also founded, and is the chairman, of Oberweis Dairy, located in North Aurora. 

“I have lived in this district my entire life” Oberweis said in a Sept. 5 interview given with the Chicago Sun Times .

The congressman-elect ran on a platform of increasing our nation’s border security, reforming the health care system with a way to protect pre-existing conditions and reigning in spending by the federal government. 

Oberweis said in the Chicago Sun Times article he hopes to bring about a reduction in federal spending by reducing discretionary and entitlement spending through structural market-based reforms, but also passing a federal balanced budget amendment.

“Give the President the ability to use the line item to veto appropriations bills like most governors can do in the states” Oberweis said to the Sun Times. 

Leading up to Election Day, Oberweis was seen campaigning in Kenosha Wisconsin with President Donald Trump. This was the third time in recent days the president has worked to turn out the vote for the candidate. 

On top of the president campaigning for Oberweis, the congressman-elect received endorsements from sitting Florida Senator Marco Rubio, former Illinois congressman Don Manzullo and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Oberweis becomes now the fifth Republican candidate to hold the 14th congressional seat since 2010. Oberweis will be sworn in on January 3 with the other members who won election. 

Mail-in ballots have to be postmarked before or on Nov. 3 and must arrive by Nov. 17 to be counted.