5 music videos you should check out


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young woman in headphones listening to music from laptop on the sofa in the living room.

Colton Loeb

We all know video killed the radio star, but these days music videos aren’t what they used to be. They have almost gone the way of radio or MTV. Here are a few recent music videos that prove they are an art form that is here to stay. 

Virtual Aerobics (Official Lyric Video) by Wallows

The Wallows are a American alternative rock band based in Los Angeles composed of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston. The band began releasing songs independently in April 2017 starting with “Pleaser,” which reached No. 2 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 chart, according to Billboard. 

The video released Oct. 2, not only displays colorful and stimulating imagery, but is fully interactive. The choreography in the video was done by Emilia Richeson Valiente of Pony Sweat. Pony Sweat is a fiercely noncompetitive dance aerobics practice that celebrates anti-perfectionism and the liberation of all bodies, according to the video’s YouTube description. Take a note from Pony Sweat, and dance along to “Virtual Aerobics”. 

Positions by Ariana Grande

“Positions,” Ariana Grande’s new title track was released Oct. 22. The video features Ariana as the first woman president, sensually cooking and holding a press conference. This video showcases some spectacular transitions, and of course Ariana looks flawless throughout. 

“Snail” by Benee

“Snail” is a psychedelic wonderland of giant snails and vibrant colors, released Oct 8. Benee is an Alternative, Indie Pop artist from Auckland, New Zealand, according to Bandsintown. 

In the video Benee dances through a huge house, all while feeding her pet snails. Sit back and enjoy the techno beats and adorable slimy giants.

“Dominic’s Interlude” by Halsey and Dominic Fike

“Dominic’s Interlude” is a short minute and thirty second video released Oct. 7. In this video Dominic Fike sings on a tennis court while lyric dancers dance around him. The video’s color pallet is warm with many shades of green and with blue skies above. The song and dance seems to tell a love story between two dancers on the court. 

This video is very pleasing to the ears and eyes. The rhythmic lyrical dancing is captivating as is the vocals of Dominic Fike. 

“Aim For The Moon” by Pop Smoke ft. Quavo

Oct. 26. Pop Smoke, who was shot and killed in his West Hollywood home Feb. 19 had his album released posthumously July 2020. 

This music video starts like many music videos, with a shot of a comically large and lavish mansion. It gets better when you realize the entire video is centered around child versions of Pop Smoke and Quavo. Child Pop Smoke floats in a pool, sits at the head of a table complete with a tray of cheeseburgers, drives a Rolls Royce and is waited on by butlers. Living the life any child would dream of.