Temperatures hit a record high in DeKalb


Patrick Murphy

A biker rides past Swen Parson Hall on Oct. 13.

Greg Gancarz, Reporter

DeKALB – Meteorologists recorded a high temperature of 76 degrees on Sunday, a new record for Nov. 8. The previous record of 73 degrees, occurred in 1931, National Weather Service Meteorologist Lee Carlaw said.

The new record came amid a string of unseasonably warm weather during the week of Nov. 2. Wednesday, saw a high of 74 degrees, which tied the previous record which was recorded in 1978, Carlaw said. Every day since Wednesday has seen temperatures breaking 70 degrees. 

Monday’s weather has already reached the record high of 74 degrees, which was recorded in 1999. Some of Carlaw’s forecasts project it to rise higher before the end of the day.

“We’ll have to see if we can make another degree or two push here,” Carlaw said. “We’ve got quite a bit of cloud cover that’s moving in here, so it’s possible that it does. Although, this time of year, with the sun angle as low as it is, it gets a little more challenging to get those temperatures up.”

The National Weather Service has been recording official temperatures in Illinois since 1871, according to their website.